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How to Dog-Proof Your Backyard


How to Dog-Proof Your Backyard… If you’re a dog owner, you undoubtedly want your pet to live the longest, healthiest life possible. In addition to dog-proofing your home, creating a fenced-in, dog-proof backyard can help guarantee the safety of your furry family member. Read on for some expert advice on how to dog-proof your backyard.


When it comes to making your backyard safer for your pet, the first step is to have a fence. If your house doesn’t already have a fenced-in yard, it is certainly worth the investment. A yard with a fence allows your four-legged companion to get outdoor exercise while also helping to prevent your dog from running away, getting hit by a car, being stolen, or getting into fights with other dogs.


You’ll want to consider the size of your dog, the height of your fence, and the type of materials used to build your fence. Any holes or gaps should be blocked. The fence should be sturdy and tall enough that your dog cannot jump over or crawl under the fence.


Two popular materials for fencing a backyard include a traditional wooden fence or a chain link fence. Although there are arguments for and against it, Whole Dog Journal recommends skipping chain link fencing altogether and using a high-quality wooden fence. Wood is sturdy, secure, and more private than chain link fences. With a thick, wooden fence, your dog will be less stimulated by cars, other dogs, and humans on the other side of the fence.


Although there’s something to be said for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects, it’s important to realize that some jobs may require the skills of a professional contractor. According to HomeAdvisor, the average price to install a wood fence is $749 – $1,695 and the entire project takes between 4 to 5 days to complete. If you’re not comfortable installing the fence yourself, consider hiring out; if you’d like to take the project on yourself, here are some resources on getting started.


Speaking of fences, if you have a garden in your yard, a simple chicken wire fence may be all you need to protect your plants. The wire forms a barrier that will keep your dog out of the garden.


What do you do if you have a fence in your yard or garden that your dog keeps digging under or jumping over? If you’re dog is an expert at finding a way around your fence, one good place to start is by having your fence repaired and reinforced as necessary. Again, it’s always best to pay an expert to service your fence to ensure it is the best possible quality and will fully secure your dog.


Fleas are another thing you’ll unfortunately need to consider when it comes to your yard. A simple hack for protecting your pets (and your family) from fleas involves cedar chips. Place the cedar chips throughout your yard, gardens and pathways outside your home.


Some say cedar chips help naturally prevent fleas because of the smell. Just to be safe, however, cedar chips should not be used as your only flea prevention method. Combine this method with your pet’s regular flea and tick prevention treatments to help avoid bites, allergic reactions and diseases.


If you’ve tried all of the tips listed above and you’re still having issues with your dog escaping the yard, it might be time to contact a dog trainer. Professional dog trainers have a background in understanding dog behaviors and can help you create a plan for eliminating unwanted behaviors. With some help from the professionals, along with plenty of patience and effort, it is possible to dog-proof your yard so your dog is comfortable, secure, and content.


Thanks to Medina James at DogEtiquette for this article!

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