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Home-Staging Tips for Pet Owners


Home-Staging Tips for Pet Owners; No matter how much you love your pets, if your house is on the market, then you’ve got to get rid of the evidence. Realtors agree that pets can reduce the value of your home due to odors, pet dander, and any potential damage they’ve caused to floors, moldings, etc. So you’re going to want to make the necessary preparations to properly stage your home to make it look pet-free so you don’t lose out on a potential sale. Read on to learn some home-staging tips for pet owners.


Remove Your Pet During the Showing


While some pet owners temporarily relocate while their house is on the market so they can keep it clean, this is obviously not always possible. So, at best, remove your pet when there’s going to be a showing. Keep in mind that this can be stressful for some animals (especially cats), so you can also opt to place your pet in a contained area and warn your real estate agent beforehand so there aren’t any surprises.




This means removing every cat tree, litter box, food and water bowl, bed, and toy. Some real estate agents even suggest removing photos of pets, as well as any animal memorabilia—like an “I love my Beagle” sign. Even if your pet is not in the house, a potential buyer could be turned off by the thought that an animal has been inhabiting the space.


Let There Be Light


Research shows that natural light can boost productivity and mood, but for a potential buyer, energy savings come to mind if the home is naturally bright. Remove heavy drapes and replace with more airy curtains but make sure to keep them open for a showing. If it’s night, make sure the home is well-illuminated, so add some additional lighting if necessary. Candles can go a long way in terms of ambiance, too.


Add Curb Appeal


There’s no such thing as a second first impression, so make sure the exterior of your home is in tip-top shape. Statistics show that 63 percent of potential home buyers will take a pass by a house they saw online, so a first impression doesn’t necessarily have to be the date of the showing. Retouch the trim on your house, paint the front door, plant some flowers and shrubs, and definitely clean up any waste. If your dog damaged any of the grass, replace with sod where necessary.


Remove Pet Odor and Stains


This is a biggie and not just from an odor and aesthetic standpoint. If potential buyers have allergies, they’ll know right away that you have a pet in your home because of the dander. Make sure you get your carpets (even throw rugs) and furniture professionally cleaned. To get the most thorough cleaning, make sure you declutter, remove light furniture, and protect your walls before the pros arrive.


Repair Any Damages


Statistics suggest that owning a pet can take up to $30,000 off the value of your home. So, it’s crucial that you repair any damage from your pet, including frayed carpeting; scratched hardwood flooring, walls, and doors; disrupted landscaping; and chewing marks.


Preparing to put your home on the market is undoubtedly a stressful process. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer and give your entire property a once over before listing it. Make things easier on yourself by pet proofing your new home so you can maintain it as best as you can.


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