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I read an article today, in USA Today by Paul Davidson. Labor growth could keep Fed on hold for raising rates, although this is not always indicative of home rates it plays a part. Since more people are working and or looking for work, according to jobs report, investors are feeling optimistic. 215,000 jobs employers added is emphasizing positive labor market and challenges a sluggish economy in both the USA & Overseas. What this means is strong job growth & falling unemployment rate “5% down from 10% in 2009” have enticed less unemployed, which means employers are going to start raising pay or being less selective in their hiring decisions. This means more people employed and workers making more money… “No policymakers would want to hinder what they view as a healthy process of labor market healing” by raising interest rates Barclays wrote to clients. Fed Chair Janet Yellen said this week she expects to “proceed cautiously” as policy makers weigh more rate hikes. Many economists expect just two increases this year, in June and December. I feel this is a great time upsize or downsize as both selling and buying is strong; as the economy is getting stronger and rates are great, this could give a buyer a great interest rate and a seller with a buyer that has a little more money to spend…

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