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Staging Tips: 5 Interior Paint Colors That Will Help You Sell Your Home Faster

It’s important to remember that when a home is put up for sale it should appeal to as many people as possible. Sometimes those flashy paint colors the owners grew up with will not charm new buyers. A good friend spent a lot of money on his home interior which was beautiful; if that is your taste, if not it can kill a deal. Many communities such as Clemente Ranch and Ocotillo have spent a lot of time and money on custom paint jobs. As attractive as they are; these often limit your pool of buyers by substantial amounts, Luckily repainting a few rooms is not too costly.


Time is Money

Keep It Neutral For A Reason

The first thing everybody hears when they try and sell their home is to paint in neutral colors. There is a good reason for this. Every person who walks through the front door should be able to picture living in the home and not think about the people who had lived there before. Neutral colors provide a blank canvas for buyers to paint their future. By the way if you wish to search for Chandler homes for sale you have come to the best site. This site has the most comprehensive map search to find Chandler homes in your price range. I also have an affinity for Clemente Ranch; I have sold many homes in Clemente Ranch and I am familiarly with all of the community amenities and the South Chandler area – I’m able to demonstrate the desirability of Clemente Ranch to my clients that are buyers!


Creams Photograph Better Than Almost Any Shade

Neutral colors are not just the standard beiges everyone is used to. Rooms painted in creams tend to look better in pictures, which helps out tremendously when listing the house online. Since most people’s first impression of a home is the online photographs, this technique helps a house stand out from the very beginning. Have you noticed everyone is going to the retro-back-splashes in the kitchens? This look great with even black highlights but again, you’ve greatly limited your home to a small niche. People who search Chandler homes for sale are usually looking for traditional colors that are complimentary to the southwestern architecture of the homes in Chandler AZ. Just remember that when you customize your home it not only slows the resale but might require an investment to restore it back.


Using Gray To Expand The Space

Making rooms appear larger is one technique to help sell a home quicker. A light gray can help make large, clean rooms appear even larger to visitors. This works on rooms that are clutter free and do not have much furniture in them. As an added technique, try painting the moldings the same color of gray so that the walls appear higher.


Accent Natural Surroundings With Earth Tones

Anybody who owns a house that has a lot of brick, stone or wood should take a moment to browse through some earth tones to accent the room. These colors, while still neutral, are found in nature and accent the natural surroundings of the room. Sienna and umber are two popular choices.


Give A Splash Of Green In A Sunny Room

When the rest of the home is in neutral tone, it provides the opportunity to spring a room to life with a dash of color. A light green is perfect for an indoor patio or den that overlooks a garden. This is one way to give a natural and earthy feel to a room that has plenty of sunlight.

Before painting, talk to your local real estate agent to walk through your home with you and give you some pointers on which colors they think will work and which ones may be problematic.


These are a just a few ideas to help you make the right investment in the home you purchase and wish to resell someday. We seem to have turned the corner whereby people are losing lots of equity due to having to restore their homes back to a neutral based color scheme. Count the cost and if it is worth the investment…go for it, if not be content with the simple. Find all Chandler homes for sale, Clememte Ranch and Ocotillo homes on this easy to use website. You will also find the market values to be much more accurate than the national websites.


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