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The Pros & Cons of Solar Energy

As a Chandler Realtor I am quick to point out the necessity of the contract between the equipment provider and the home owner. In Arizona the state has been good about precluding HOA’s from disallowing solar panels in their CC&R’s but what about the utility companies? There have been recent decisions whereby one of the major utility companies is penalizing home owners with solar power; as an effort to dissuade this plentiful energy source in Arizona. We see many homes with solar energy in Ocotillo and Clemente Ranch. Solar power has become accepted in Arizona especially Gilbert and Chandler due to the abundance of sunshine and cost savings. I have never had an issue selling Clemente Ranch real estate due to solar panels. 


As a buyer or seller in Chandler or Gilbert you really have to know the direction of the law with regards to solar energy and the structure of the buy-back price of the electric company. Secondly if you are selling your home or buying a home with solar power you MUST review the agreement to ensure transfer-ability as well as other liabilities that can accrue to either the seller or the buyer. Unfortunately in many cases solar energy contracts can be so costly and risky, the marketability of the home can be negatively affected. Having been a Realtor in Chandler I have seen several issues in Clemente Ranch as well as most of the master planned communities during the sale of a property that are often overlooked and end up costing buyers, thousands of dollars down the road. My advice is to thoroughly inspect the equipment and the agreement. Chandler homes for sale tend to be newer homes and often home owners are comfortable installing solar panels due to the newer building materials and longevity of the roof tops.


Solar-powered homes are becoming more commonplace, and are an excellent step in the right ecological direction. That said, there are some aspects to consider if you’re thinking about investing in solar energy. Read on for some salient points about living by the sun; especially in Chandler and the Metro area where we have seen some power companies try to put solar energy out of business at your cost!


The Sun And The Economy In Arizona


As solar power has grown in popularity, the government has introduced incentives to help homeowners combat the once-high costs of purchasing and installing solar panels. And companies are springing up to rent you panels and cover the cost of installation. This means that your initial costs are smaller, but also that those third party companies reap the government incentives and may not always maintain strong relationships between you and your utility company. Speak with your CPA regarding tax credits and possible depreciation.


The Sun And Your Roof


Roofs are the primary locations for solar panels, particularly on homes. Ensure that your roof has enough strength for the added weight of the equipment, and enough space for the proper placement (away from the edges, for example). The equipment comes with a lifetime guarantee so if the roof it’s on is already old, consider updating it before installation (which is an extra but necessary cost). Having to remove and re-install the solar panels can be costly. Again most of the homes in Clemente Ranch, Ocotillo homes, Cooper Commons are quite new and can handle the solar panels for years to come; another reason I enjoy selling homes in Clemente Ranch and the Cooper Commons. These homes are up to date, the amenities and infrastructure are newer and very attractive which makes for pleasant and inviting neighborhoods.


The Sun And Your Surroundings


A solar-powered home is all about location, location, location. Watch for tall and shady trees, or for high buildings that will shadow your panels and decrease or prevent their output. Look forward, too are there any plans for development in your neighborhood that would introduce such impediments in the future? This is really an easy task if you are diligent to keep the panels in good shape and allow them the best exposure to the sun.


The Sun And Cloudy Days


The most obvious hiccup with solar power is that bane of a sunny existence: cloudy days. Location has influence here too: the climate of your area will determine how many panels you’ll need, where you’ll need to place them and how much energy you’ll be able to glean in each season. There are batteries you can purchase for collecting and storing solar energy but they’re still an expensive option. And solar power is still somewhat unattractive in the global economy because of how variable it is. Fossil fuels are more dependable, and therefore more marketable, than an energy source so tied to the weather although that looks to change if solar energy continues its rise in popularity with the masses.


All things considered, there is a deep and growing draw to solar-powered homes, but don’t enter into anything without looking at all sides of the equation. If you have questions, or want to know more about how solar energy works in your neighborhood, contact me. I have been a Gilbert Realtor and Chandler Realtor for several years. Please contact me with any questions on solar power and real estate. I have purposely become a specialist in the Southeast Valley and know quite a bit about the homes for sale in Clemente Ranch, Copper Commons real estate, and Ocotillo homes. I love what I do and have a passion for helping my buyers find their dream homes and sellers to achieve the best market value for their homes as well. Call me I’d love to chat with you! If you like solar power or not you must review the contract for the equipment and agreement with the utility company; because the cost of the solar panels might be factored into the cost of the home? I’ve reviewed several of these agreements and can help you and send you to the right people who know the laws on these issues!

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